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Business & Corporate, Salsa Lessons & Services.

We offer a range of salsa lessons, dancing and other services to suit your business.

Corporate Functions & Events:

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Our services are designed for the business and corporate experience, respectful for both staff and management. We provide fun and interactive services, that gets everyone to interact and enjoy themselves.

Corporate & Group Team Building:

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Our team building service is designed to get your staff co-ordinating and working together, supporting both their strengths and weaknesses. We can either carry out our services at your location, within your offices, or use external premises of your choice.

Corporate & Group Away Days:

joyous women with men are dancing in pairs оn the dance floor in the nightclub

If you want staff and management to feel energised, or create great atmosphere, or have dynamics that are exciting, our Salsabuzz and Salsa Elegante services provides all of these things.


All Around Really Good Well-being and Interactive Fun:

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You can feel the fun atmosphere when staff and management enjoy themselves. It is great for the well-being and stress management of your staff and management. Enabling the interaction of both staff and management is what really gives what we do an immediate impact to your organisation, via creating inclusion and having fun at our Salsabuzz & Salsa Elegante functions.


Our approach is to enable everyone to interact. What is so fantastic about our business and corporate salsa lessons is, no one is left out.

The salsa dancing interaction is a unique and great way of fostering bonding with others, promoting team building, encouraging well-being  and developing team spirit.

To obtain a quotation or book salsa lessons please contact us using the following link:  Salsabuzz 

You can also book ‘Specialist One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons via the MIC Buzz Magazine shop products and services, using the following link: ‘Specialist ‘One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons’.

We look forward to meeting you.


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