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Salsabuzz Salsa Etiquette – Basic Beginners Guide

Salsbuzz Salsa Etiquette

Salsa dancing is fun, exciting and a great way to socialise and meet people, it can also keep you fit. To ensure that the ambience and environment within salsa is maintained, there are some very simple and basic rules which should be followed.

Salsa can be a solo, partner or group dance. There are no restrictions on who you can dance with.  At salsa our philosophy is for everyone to feel free to ask anyone to dance, so please do not feel you have to stand on the edge of the dance floor. See your teacher if you are shy and we will do the rest to get you started.

Remember people come out to enjoy themselves. To ensure that common courtesy is maintained, it is good practise to introduce yourself to the person you have asked to dance and/or has invited you to dance. This should be followed by a courteous thank you after the dance has concluded by both/all parties.

In salsa we only promote and expect good manners and good behaviour. There is no excuse and/or place for anything else as we respect everyone’s rights and individuality.

It is quite likely that you will tread on the feet of the person that you are dancing with or even the feet of the person dancing near to you, particularly when you are learning how to control your steps. Remember that if this should occur, this does not make you a bad person, simply check that the person is OK and give an apology, before continuing with your dancing. Remember, even if you are the person on the receiving end, accidents happen and all apologies should be accepted graciously.


Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner to join salsa because we constantly change partners throughout the lessons and when we are dancing. Plus you can ask anyone to dance, try it and see!



Health and Safety

Please tell us if you have any medical conditions prior to attendance in writing. If you have a medical condition or think you have, we advise and recommend that you see your GP to get advice on whether your GP will allow you to take up salsa dancing. If your GP says yes, please provide a formal letter from your GP with any restrictions and/or conditions outlined. Our insurers will then decide whether we can allow you to take part in our salsa lessons and dancing.



Please ensure that personal hygiene is maintained.  It is very unpleasant to dance with someone whose personal hygiene leaves much to be desired.  So please be considerate to your dance partner and others around you, by remembering to use breath fresheners and deodorants to prevent anyone from being offended by any unpleasant aromas.  

Salsa dancing can be energetic and for those who are equally energetic and/or sweat a lot, we recommend you obtain wet wipes or a flannel/towel to wipe and dry yourself with throughout the lesson, evening and/or night. Using wet wipes or a flannel/towel is perfectly acceptable, as salsa dancing can be very physical and can cause even the fittest person to sweat.



Try to ensure that you wear comfortable (we recommend loose) fitting clothing.  This serves two purposes, firstly by allowing you to move and dance unrestricted and secondly to assist in keeping you cool. If you sweat a lot we recommend you bring a change of top.

Jeans and Denim can be restrictive and hot see how you feel.



Footwear should always be comfortable. Try to avoid wearing trainers as the friction on the floor can impede you dancing, making turns and spins difficult.  Ladies should consider wearing low heels until they are more proficient in the basic moves. Eventually you may want to consider purchasing specially made dance shoes, attire and products from specialist shops, however this is not essential.





It is important to ensure that nails are well maintained and manicured. If nails are sharp, split and/or un-filed, then there is a danger of scratching someone, it also feels unpleasant to touch. Anyone with long nails, please see your teacher for guidance and advice.



It is important to ensure that sharp and jagged jewellery is removed and/or kept to the minimum. We advise you not to wear such jewellery to salsa, this is true for heavy jewellery and chains that may fly out when dancing. When it comes to salsa the less jewellery the better.



For those individuals with hair extensions, beads and long plaits etc., we advise that when dancing the hair splays out and can be hazardous if it hits someone in the face. We recommend that you tie your hair back and/or tie your hair up, to avoid this hazard.



What to do in salsa lessons

You will be assigned to a teaching level.  Your teacher will issue a series of controlled instructions, please remember to do the following:-

*  Avoid talking to fellow students whilst the teacher is giving instructions (sometimes enthusiasm and socialising gets in the way).

* The teacher will always demonstrate the move first and explain how to carryout the steps. Whilst the teacher is demonstrating and explaining, this is when you should be looking at and listening to your teacher.

*  When executing an instruction from your teacher, please do not look at your teacher but concentrate on your partner. The reason for this is you cannot complete an instruction safely and confidently if you are not looking at your partner and/or where you are going.

*  If you are unsure about an instruction please ask your teacher straight away. Do not feel intimidated into not asking questions. Remember it is your right to ask your teacher as many questions as is necessary for you to feel confident that you have understood the instructions.

*  If a fellow student has a different understanding of an instruction than you have, please ask your teacher for clarity. Please do not get into a debate which could escalate, it is easier and quicker to ask your teacher.


20009698 - dance people silhouette

Personal dancing styles

Please be aware that not everyone has the same dancing style, ability, technique, dexterity, timing or musical phasing. Please do not assume that everyone is taught the same way and/or has the same understanding. Therefore allow for this difference when dancing and practising in lessons.

Yes it may be frustrating at times but we are all here to learn. You may walk away feeling that it is you that is wrong but because of the differing dancing styles this may not be the case. Keep an open mind, don’t judge.

What you learn may not be right for your style of dancing, you may like the way someone dances but it may not be correct for your style and your musical reference point.  Consult your teacher for guidance.


Any doubts and Questions?

For further assistance and advice please feel free to speak to your teacher and/or contact us directly via the link Contact Us.

To obtain a quotation or book salsa lessons please contact us using the following link:  Salsabuzz 

You can also book ‘Specialist One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons via the MIC Buzz Magazine shop products and services, using the following link: ‘Specialist ‘One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons’.


We look forward to meeting you.



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