About Us

Preface:  MIC Buzz Magazine 


Dear visitors, readers, customers and contributors:


Welcome to our magazine.

MIC stands for ‘Music, Innovation and Creativity’.

MIC‘ is also short for microphone, which is effectively what our magazine behaves like, because we ‘amplify’ the hidden creative passion or unused talents of individuals and with your ‘feedback’ create a ‘Buzz’ of excitement about them.

Our magazine is for those seeking to hear, see and experience inspiring creative expressions.

We also support those who do not have an outlet to voice their own creative expression, and/or those who have had to deviate from, and/or have been pulled away from their creative journeys by life and other people, who wish to express their true unused hidden creative passion, unseen talents, dormant skills, and/or other abilities.

This magazine gives such people a direct creative voice, unapologetically, sincerely from their hearts, life knowledge and experiences, allowing them to create and share their inner core expressions.

We believe that it is vitally important for such people to have a voice and acknowledgement of the creativity in their lives.

This magazine helps to allow the creativity of individuals to be celebrated, and/or for individuals to get back to their true creative passions and we hope you get enjoyment from us sharing this with you.


Thank you for reading.


For more information please contact MIC Buzz:

+44 (0)20 7193 9399

+44 (0)7904 677 314