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Salsabuzz Teaching Is ‘Something For Everyone’.

As teachers we are passionate about sharing and teaching Salsa dance to everyone, because of the beautiful feeling and expression of the music, plus showing the dance movements that we love to do.

Sometimes having fun is doing something positive and different, that you have always liked the idea of doing, but you never thought you could be taught or would actually manage to do. Salsabuzz teachers are here to help you on this journey of discovery.


Salsabuzz gives you the environment to explore what you never thought you could do through salsa dancing.

There are times in life when your idea of fun is actually surpassed and salsa dancing gives you such times, because fun is at the heart of the dance.

So it is no longer a question of could you dance salsa, but how to start dancing salsa and where to start going.

Well look no further because Salsabuzz is here for you. At Salsabuzz we totally support and provide services for beginners, improves, intermediate and advanced dancers.



For both students  and potential Salsa teachers alike, it is about fun and feeling connected to the learning and teaching processes.

Salsabuzz teaches you to appreciate your gifts and other peoples gifts and incorporate this into your dance.

For both teacher to student it is a wonderful journey  to see the progress that is being made.

Teaching is a joy for Salsabuzz.

We welcome and encourage everyone to enjoy dance. All cultures are welcomed, Salsabuzz has ‘Something for everyone!’


Contact Salsabuzz and let us share our joy with you.


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