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Birthday Salsa Lessons & Party Nights

joyous women with men are dancing in pairs оn the dance floor in the nightclub

Birthday party nights are literally what salsa is all about, ‘the party and the fun’.

If you want your bithday party night to feel energised, and/or create great atmosphere, and/or have dynamics that are exciting, vibrant, free and liberating, Salsabuzz & Salsa Elegante provides all of these.

happy stylish bride and bridesmaids dancing and having fun at wedding reception in restaurant. guests dancing in light, people in motion at party in club. fun moments.


Our salsa parties also gives you that element of inclusion and a great vibe, whether it be cha cha cha, merengue, or general salsa steps, it gives you that fun interaction which is very nature of salsa.

A salsa party is a celebration and joy of many different individuals interchanging and interacting.


Young women with men are dancing in pairs оn the dance floor in the nightclub

The joy withim the musical sounds of the vocals, brass and the melodies, the drama and driving percussive beats, give you that sense of celebration, as you hear and feel a festival of salsa music.

Our salsa nights are a real collaboration of joy, that gives you a ‘buzz’ all the way through the night and this is what really makes our Salsabuzz & Salsa Elegante nights very special.


The salsa dancing interaction is a unique and great way to enable everyone to interact.

To obtain a quotation or book salsa lessons please contact us using the following link:  Salsabuzz 

You can also book ‘Specialist One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons via the MIC Buzz Magazine shop products and services, using the following link: ‘Specialist ‘One On One’ Salsa Dance Lessons’.


We look forward to meeting you.


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