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The Flamenco Guitarist Who Paints Musical Stories

Meet Ramon Ruiz,

A musician you should take the time to see.

When you listen to his guitar playing you feel the “duende”, a heightened state of emotion. It is fascinating how he makes you experience parts of both a new era and traditional history.

He can make you feel like you were in a forest, a field, on a mountain top or a beautiful beach. He can also make you feel sorrow, despair, doubt, reflectiveness, and optimism.

Your senses, portrayed through his wonderful melodies, transport you to new areas within the colours of life, making you feel part of the earth, enjoying nature’s energy, the sunshine, exploring the unknown or just living an emotional moment of solitude.

You witness an array of colours and vibrancies that are profound, from the heights of humanity and elation, through to man’s struggle and despair, they are all there, within his musical journey.

You are present, both in the ‘here and now’ and “there” in his voyage, as if you were in another life.

It is a beautiful gift Ramon shares with us, the warmth and spirituality he brings to all his musical and personal encounters.

It is simply a beautiful experience.

A guitarist of true quality!

Ramon Ruiz is a flamenco guitarist with a unique expression, moving flamenco into a new exciting era. A great combination of gypsy traditions with ethnic rhythms, fusing musical influences from around the world (from Asia to Latin America).


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