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A Female Flamenco Dancer’s Extraordinary Feeling

There is something beautiful, fascinating and formidable about the way a female flamenco dancer performs. She starts slowly, comfortable in her own skin, she puts you at ease with her smile, then with a musical gesture she calmly invites you into her narration, her beginning movements both welcome and settle you.


You then feel her seriousness as she enters a space within her soul, where she becomes a portal to draw on the collective essence of flamenco dancers throughout history, in order to channel, interpret and reflect the flamenco music. You see this change within her happening right in front of your eyes.



As she begins dancing, you begin to relinquish the every day things in your mind and enjoy the rhythmically beautiful flow of her arms, wrists, hands and fingers, floating like silk in a mesmerising breeze.

You begin to become aware of the underlying strength of the flamenco rhythms, as she announces these rhythms through her deliberate steps. You find yourself wanting to be directly at her feet, in order to work out how she is able to produce such a pulse and at such a pace.

Only when she feels her audience does she introduce her artistic and sensual body movements, and now you are ‘ore struck’ and inspired by her.


7167774 - woman traditional spanish flamenco dancer dancing in a red dress with a white fan

At first you are unsure of how to observe her gifts of movement and her energy. You become mentally daunted by the skill required to deliver such a solo performance as she does. You are unsure of what comes next, but you are childlike in your curiosity.

12377537 - young woman dancing flamenco on blackThen she takes over with her mood, expression and essence. You see her timing expressed with such passion. You see and feel her musically encourage more from the musicians around her, the more the musicians give, the more intense she becomes. She takes on the role of a ringmaster, the leader, the powerhouse, the driving force, a percussive instrument. She becomes the voice, mouthpiece and expression of the physical musical painting. Just like the properties of air, her expression of energy surrounds you with musical oxygen.


14420520 - woman posing in flamenco white costume with fantail

Her movements are beautiful, strong, dignified, proud, sensual, bewildering and stunning, all at the same time, making her performances something wonderful.

23878556 - young woman dancing flamenco on black

Suddenly you are part of her energy, willing her on to express the fruits of her creativity, living through her and being captivated by her. She takes you on a journey of surprise and transports you through to a very beautiful and vibrant part of her culture as she performs.

Within a basic environment she makes everything alive. Whether you are a group of individuals or just an individual, sitting and watching her performance, you feel you have experienced something special with everybody in the room. The moment she finishes you are cheering as if you have won the World Cup. You feel so elated that you give your emotion of appreciation to her.


Her expressiveness causes you to share your emotions with her, because she leaves you feeling joy, so you simply offer her applause!


Female flamenco dancers are amazing and I can only praise, envy and love them for their craft.


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