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A Free Photograph Of Yourself Dancing Salsa At The Marylebone Summer Fayre 2017

A free event photograph of yourself emailed to you.

In celebration of the MIC Buzz Magazine and Salsabuzz being at the Marylebone Summer Fayre 2017, ‘Jocelyn Mifsud Photography’ will be capturing the day’s events on our behalf from the exhibition stall where “ MIC Buzz Magazine & Salsabuzz.” will be located and some general photography throughout the event.

You will have the opportunity to request your ‘Free’ photo from the day’s events (if we have a photo of you) by the following link ‘Contact Us’.

Bring your personalities, energy and show your smiles for the camera!

We look forward to seeing you there.



MIC Buzz Limited and Jocelyn Mifsud Photography reserve the following rights:

The above is subject to the quality and/or nature of the images being acceptable and suitable to meet standards to be determined by MIC Buzz Limited and Jocelyn Mifsud Photography. No guarantee will be given that a photograph or photographs will be taken, and/or emailed, and/or supplied or given. Neither is this deemed to be a service of any kind. The photographs taken are only a celebratory gesture at The Marylebone Summer Fayre 2017 by MIC Buzz Limited and Jocelyn Mifsud Photography. All images taken copyrights reserved to MIC Buzz Limited and Jocelyn Mifsud image providers. Also MIC Buzz Magazine Terms & Conditions apply.



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