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Behind The Lens

With my passion for photography combined with travel and dance, I aim to capture the beauty of this world and the movement of the human body through dance. I follow my heart, capture what I see and feel, and use my intuition to capture the beautiful personalities of my subjects.

Travelling provided me with the opportunity to explore the beauty of this world, observe people, their cultures, and everything nature has to offer.



Although my passion for photography begun before digital photography, I become professional about my photography at the beginning 2011 when I relocated from Australia to London to travel. My love for travel deepened my love for photography with vast and colourful experiences.



Life in all it’s beautiful forms captured through the lens, in reality, it’s an opportunity to capture a moment in life, held in time through photography that will last forever, and I find this exhilarating and fascinating.


When I’m not travelling, London is my ideal base for photography. With its amazing architecture, parks, nature reserves, wildlife, annual sporting events and of course all the outdoor winter and summer events.



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Bring your personalities, energies and show your smiles to the camera!




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