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The Idea To Keep Protests Out Of Sport Is Nonsense

If you believe, that we can all come together and play sports, and act like there is nothing happening in the world, that impacts people who have careers within sports and that also impacts those who enjoy sports, and think that this will look fine, and that we should all celebrate sports regardless, or despite what is happening around the world, then you are either wishing to perpetuate the illusion of what is happening in the world, or you are wilfully wishing to keep things naive, by pretending and trying to keep the illusion of everything being fine, in the face of the terrible things that are currently happening and have been happening for a long time throughout the world.

Sports has been promoted globally as something that is done by everyone equally, however, you cannot have sports being promoted, managed, played and participated in equally, when one side is behaving badly, that is why Sports have referees, judges, adjudicators, drug testing, video play back and more.

It is morally wrong and contradictory to even suggest, that sports should ignore what is happening in the rest of the world, when Sports has set-out official rules of fairness in sports, but cannot apply the same fairness to the world,  this line of thinking and behaviour, is both a preposterous and hypocritical position to take, it is morally bankrupt.

Where there are things that are clearly wrong and unfair things that are being done around the world, Sports should highlight them and stand up against the unfairness and against the wrongs. Sports should show, that if we are going to play together, then we all have to be fair and honest together.


SAN JOSE, CA/USA – OCTOBER 21, 2018: Tommie Smith and John Carlos statue on the campus of San Jose State University.


The history of sports has been littered with the cultures and races, who have propagated and promoted racism, racist propaganda, falsehoods, both institutionally and politically.

Representing one’s country, is also representing one’s culture, and if the culture is racist, xenophobic, and narcissistic then something is wrong with what the flags and Sports represent. It took protests firstly from Miss Eroseanna “Rose” Robinson (1952) and then Mohammed Ali (1967) and then Tommie Smith and John Carlos (1968), then Carmelo Anthony (2015), then Colin Kaepernick (2016), Lebron James and so many more.

The recent Tokyo Olympics banning of the positive and moral ‘Black Lives Matter’ multicultural movement, by the Tokyo Olympics labelling them as a ‘Protest Group’, fails Sports most basic premise of fairness, justice, and togetherness.  See interview with John Carlos (1968 olympian – One of the two athletes, who raised their fists in protest), interviewed on CNN May 2021.

The Olympics has been telling the world for years that it is against cheating, it has built its reputation using statements that it is honest and transparent, tragically its reputation is now morally exposed and shattered.

Racism is the worse kind of human dishonesty and cheating, it is unfair, it is vile, it is insidious, it is immoral propaganda and sport must take a stand against it at all times.

What is the point of supporting or watching the Olympics. if you are a ‘Black Life’ darker skin toned person and also an athlete, and your protest against egregious racism and injustice is being denied by the Olympics.

What is the point of ‘Sports’ if they do not stand for fairness, justice, truth, honesty and togetherness?

What is the point of the Olympics if it does not stand for fairness, justice, truth, honesty and togetherness?

What is the point of the values of Olympism?

What is the rationale of Olympism to darker skin toned peoples lives, when the Olympics is banning  the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement?

Where is the value in Olympism, if Olympism and the ‘Olympic Ideals’, do not support, or have the morals to promote, or to fit in with, or to lead to standing up for fairness, justice, Truth, honesty and togetherness?

Why on earth would the ‘Olympics ban ‘Black Lives Matter’ which is a morally just and positive multicultural movement?

Why ban athletes displaying morally positive symbols?

This is not commercial marketing, this is moral awareness and education.


What is the point of a black life or darker skin toned person watching the Olympics that has banned the morally correct ‘Black Lives Matter’ multicultural movement?


Give me Sports events that stand-up against racism!


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