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Being Hated For The Truth Is An honour, So Be Free

Enjoy feeling good, when you have highlighted the negativity and the restrictions, that are being placed on others or on you. When you do good, this is where you get to understand that your actions do help, because you have shone a light on negative activities (Even though you may not see the immediate results of your actions).

Do not feel discouraged or upset by the decisions that others have made based on lies and based on untruths, or the opinions of others who benefit if nothing is done about the negativity and the restrictions, because you are here to highlight and illuminate untruths with the truth, even if others decide against you, the truth will have been expressed and not hidden ((plus the benefits to others and your own psychological, mental and emotional well-being, is remarkable).


Butterfly is released in flight. Concept of freedom


You may not be able to stop all the lies and bad decisions happening all the time, and you may feel like you are being attacked for telling the truth, and you may also psychologically feel that new opportunities are being denied you by others for telling the truth, but where you shine a light on these lies with the truth, it helps you and others from falling into the traps, potholes and obstacles, created by such lies.

So shine your light like the sun, where others have set the traps of untruths. Through your truthful actions, you will spread your wings and fly, and you will enable others to safely spread their wings and fly, by not becoming trapped or remaining blocked by untruths.

Enjoy having a free conscience and spirit, also be free from the negativity that can often surround you, by realising that you can release yourself and release others from the burdens of lies, with the truth.


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