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Does Transsexual Transgender Rights Sometimes Clash With The Rights Of Others?


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We are in no position to judge those who are transsexual transgender or thinking about it, this is not what this article is about and it does not lay judgement or blame on anyone, however there seems to be no one talking about the rights of individuals who set out to form a relationship with someone, who are not told by that person who they are interested in, that the person who they are interested in is a transsexual transgender person.

There appears to be a general assumption being made by society, that a transsexual transgender person will be open, honest and fair with the person that they wish to be involved with. However a transsexual transgender person is only a human being, therefore the full spectrum of human behaviour (including good and bad) comes in to play, and not all transsexual transgender people will be good people.

The potential legal impact and ramifications could be enormous.

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With the advancement in make-up, hair products, plastic surgery and body alterations, plus the introduction of no longer having to show the original gender of a person on passports, Identification, certification, medical certificates and formal records, may well get to a point where ‘misrepresentation’ may be deemed similar to the ‘mis-selling’ of products, and could become a huge issue. This is not to be confused with being androgynous (see image on right).


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The emotional impact to individuals who do not know that they are getting involved with a transsexual transgender person, is currently not even being discussed or considered. 

What happens to those individuals who want children and unknowingly get involved with a transsexual transgender person?

What happens to those individuals who unknowingly spend years and completely invest financially in a relationship with a transsexual transgender person?

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The social impact on Individuals who did not know that the person that they are interested in is a transsexual transgender person, with regards to family, friends, socially and within society is huge also.

The impact on a persons life choices and preferences is also a very serious issue, they impact on partners we choose, because we often want to try to have children with that partner.


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The right of an individual to know who and what they are getting involved with, is the issue and what is at the heart of this article, as it appears the ‘Human Rights’ of such individuals who do not know about another individuals transsexual transgender status, are being silently eroded and overlooked.



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There needs to be fairness, clarity and balance between those who are transsexual transgender people and those individuals who unknowingly or unwittingly get involved with a transsexual transgender person.

Again this is not to be confused with a person being androgynous (see image on right).


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The law needs to protect those who are being ‘blind sided’ by the ‘non-disclosures’ and ‘misrepresentations’ of those individuals who do not declare that they are a transsexual transgender person, plus those who go out of their way to conceal it.

It is about fairness and equally respecting the rights of and disclosure to all parties involved.



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