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A Blooming Fantastic Ethos and Service

A company’s brand, success and reputation is more than likely to be determined by the customer service provided by its staff as much as the quality of the company products. The ‘No frills, no service’ company business models only work for those on a tight budget, or for every day general mass market products that people use, this can be profitable to some companies, but the customer experience is absolutely terrible.

If the ‘personal way’ that a member of staff has, of being professionally supportive to customers, is allowed to blossom naturally into a professional customer service delivery, then the reputation and value of a company will grow.


Many employees ‘unknowingly’ through their natural personalities, are planting the seeds of good customer service, one such person is called Amy who works as a florist.

Although Amy does not know it, she is a ‘hidden gem’, an example of how one person, using their natural and professional ‘personal way’ can significantly ‘add value’ to a basic service, improving a customer’s experience, which expands and elevates a brands reputation.


It is through Amy’s personality and ability to see the human side of people (not just seeing people as merely customers) and her ability to emotionally have and emotionally show empathy, in supporting a customers needs, that you really see the true value of  the ‘personal way’ in which staff like Amy, can give good customer service, highlighting the gift that she has when dealing with people.


Amy’s natural ability to transcend the everyday business transactions, allows her to deliver a better support above the ‘minimum service’ many companies usually give. What is so important about this, is that it elevates the company she works for, which is good for the brand and the customer, as it adds kudos and credibility to a brand and shows a company’s ethos (In this case literally).


People like Amy ‘add value’ which is good for the customer and has a financial benefit to companies.

However all too often there appears to be no mechanisms, to measure and reward this ‘added value’ as part of many employees employment packages or job descriptions. Many employees cannot be rewarded for their efforts of going above the ‘basic service’ on a daily basis, unless in extremely exceptional circumstances, which is a disincentive for an employee to ‘add value’ to a basic service, or to improving the customer experience.

This means customers are losing out on service and companies are losing out financially and also losing out on improving their brand reputations.


What Amy did was remarkable, she put herself in my shoes and found a way to help, without detracting from her other customers. This is a sign of a person who is great for business, who is able to think outside the box and deliver a great service. She found a way to examine how flexible I could be as a customer, in order to provide an option for a solution, which I agreed to.

She weighed up the situation and her assessment added invaluable and ‘measurable’ value to the service and brand, which most companies fail to recognise or reward their staff for.


Amy’s ‘personal way’ of being supportive to customers, represents the sort of staff and individual you want to have working within your business and brand.

We need more service delivery people like Amy in this world and we need to incentivise companies to support and reward this natural and professional ‘personal way’ by staff.




Let us not forget what a beautiful bouquet she made!


Thank you.




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