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Salsa Dancing At The Marylebone Summer Fayre Sunday 16th June 2019 From 11am – 5:30pm


Salsa dancing is now at the corner of Blandford Street and Aybrook Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4AZ

The ‘Salsa Area’ is now located in a new position within Marylebone:

This year the organisers have had to move various elements of the event around, because of the unfortunate loss of Moxon Street Car Park due to property development.  Therefore we have had to move our ‘Salsa Area’ to a new position. Please see below a map (the new ‘Salsa Area’ is shown in the light green rectangle within the red circle). Its is on Blandford Street. It is outside the Church and the St Marylebone C.E School Sixth Form Site – 14 Blandford St, Marylebone, London W1U 4AZ

The joy of dancing freely is a wonderful thing.


There is nothing like dancing salsa outdoors, in the open, on the street.


There is something of a buzz when you are no longer restricted by the confines of walls and rooms.


The amazing energy that is created between everyone is special, for full of warmth and electric.


The wonderful sudden feeling you get from the surprise and delight of not knowing what style of  salsa you will dance.


What is so interesting is that you never know who you will get to dance with, or where they are from.


Such a wonderful day of dancing and socialising.

It is great fun dancing with those who have never danced salsa before, or those who are just swept up by the spectacle and simply want to give it a go, from complete beginners through to more advanced dancers, it’s fun.

Enjoy the freedom and fun.

Come and join us for this fantastic all day event and dance away to some lovely music.


Events Starts: Sunday 16h June 2019 11am – 17:30pm.

Salsa dancing is at the corner of Blandford Street and Aybrook Street, Marylebone, London W1U 4AZ


Click here for more event details.


In addition there is the opportunity to get your photo taken, click the link:

A Free Photograph Of Yourself Dancing Salsa At The Marylebone Summer Fayre 2019


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