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Damarys Farres A Cuban Female Dancer For All Women Dancers

Meet Damarys Farres an exceptional female Cuban dancer.

It does not matter what style of dancer you are, or the type of dancer that you think you are, great movement and timing are ‘Universal Goals’ for all dancers and very few attain them at the highest level like Damarys Farres.

All women, from all backgrounds, styles and dance levels, should see her dance performances and could benefit from learning great movement, timing, interpretation and techniques from Damarys Farres.

Born in Havana Cuba, Damarys’ love of dance and culture drove her to master all the styles of Cuban dance, to graduate at the National Ballet School in Havana, to be a performer, a choreographer, to become a teacher and a specialist in Afro-Cuban dance. When she arrived in the UK she further added a BA (Hon) Dance Studies and qualified as a UK dance teacher. Damarys then became the director of her own dance company.


This dynamic, powerhouse of a dancer is simply amazing to watch and an outstanding performer, she is fantastic.

Damarys is a Cuban firebrand, who simply astonishes you with her natural ability and beautifully dancing, alongside her superb technical ability, she is simply one of the very best female dancers.



When you first meet Damarys you soon get the sense that there is more to her than you initially see.

Her Cuban roots and earthy nature makes Damarys completely down to earth, natural, unpretentious and she has an everyday accessible spirit, with a refreshing energy.

Damarys also is a strong personality, a tough no nonsense Cuban woman on the inside and she is not afraid to speak her mind.




A Cuban female dancer for all female dancers, no matter what style or dance background you are from.

Damarys’ movements champions everything great about Cuban female dancing. Her movements expresses her passion to celebrate and showcase the wonderful talents and fantastic array of Cuban music, musicians, dances, dancers and artists. Damarys also champions the fascinating range of Cuban culture.

She is a ‘tour de force’, a world wind and a tornado of a dancer, with a spirit to match her gifts.

As a teacher, Damarys is second to none, she encourages, she is demanding and she takes no prisoners, if you can do more technically in your dance, than she expects to see more from you.




When you see her performances and choreography, you realise the gift she has been born with for dance, that special something that cannot be taught, but will inspire the dancer in you.

She has that extra ingredient in her dancing that can only be described as greatness in her dancing and she is admired for it.






Her performances are like nothing else, you see her immediately creating a rapport with her audiences, invoking a visual conversation with the audience through dance. Her performances are part dance performance and part play, reverent to the Cuban culture, the history of Cuba and the faiths that are woven into the character and fabric of life in Cuba.



Cuban, Afro Cuban and Rumba dances, have for too long been over looked for their exceptional mixture, interpretations and expressions of faith, mind, spirit, spirituality and traditions. Damarys Farres mission to change this is a wonderful goal and we thank her for doing this.

It is such a privilege to witness the skills and passion of Damarys when she dances.

We encourage every woman ‘No matter what your dance style or background’, to seek out a class with Damarys Farres.


What a gift Damarys Farres is to the world of dance.


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