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The Power Of Your Tiny Individual Purchases

Your tiny individual purchasing power directly affects economies and retail supply chains

What you buy and who you buy it from, definitely determines whether the poorer and impoverished within that society, country, island, area, or culture ultimately benefits.

It is time to accept that your tiny individual purchasing power directly affects whether the poorest and most impoverished get your help.

Too many people ignore this reality, they believe that they are not responsible for what happens in the rest of the world.


Your actions are through your individual purchases

What you choose to have exist in this world is down to your ‘ethical economics’ which is through your tiny purchasing power.


This is not charity, but ‘economic management on a global scale’

You the individual need to place yourself within the context of the global history and understand that it is your buying power that contributes to and will directly affect the ability or power for any change to happen. Every purchase you make, will affect the power to change things in the world.


You can tip the balance

Think of it like grains of sand being shifted from one scale to another, you as an individual and your purchases are a grain of sand, but many individuals like you will change the economic balance over time, so that the scales are changed and tilted to help those who economically and desperately need the help. This is the true power of ‘ethical economics’.


The tired old global defence of the current commercial setup

Some may argue that this is taking money away from companies and investors throughout the world, risking jobs and lowering wages.

I argue that these companies and investors do not need the stockpile of profits and monopoly of smaller countries or islands, and should not have the amount of influence within the politics of those countries, when ethically and morally the poorer and impoverished within those countries, or islands, or areas, or cultures, ultimately deserve and need to benefit first.


The idea that it is cheaper now, does not mean it is cheaper in the long run.


You as the consumer and customer have the power to change things.


It is time we all did our bit when purchasing by using ‘ethical economics’.


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