About: Salsabuzz For Schools, Colleges & Education

Salsabuzz For Schools, Colleges & Education
Allow me to introduce myself:
We have been providing salsa dancing lessons for both children, students and adults, in schools and educational establishments for many years, from Grammar Schools in 2004 to the present day.

Our customers include various educational / school establishments, plus we have other customers such as companies, hotels, banks, public bodies, private organisations and individuals, who have found our services enjoyable.
What I do:
Salsabuzz gives them the environment to explore what you never thought you could do through salsa dancing.

There are times in life when the idea of having fun is actually surpassed and salsa dancing provides such times, because fun is at the heart of the dance.
My Passion:
As teachers we are passionate about sharing and teaching Salsa dance to children and students, because of the beautiful feeling and expression of dance the music, plus the mental, physical and psychological health benefits of movements that we love to do. Dance also has social benefits for boundaries and respect.
What Drives Me:
For both the children and students, it is about fun and feeling connected to the learning and teaching processes.

Salsabuzz teaches everyone to appreciate each child and students gifts and we incorporate this into our Salsa dancing.

For both teacher to student it is a wonderful journey to see the progress that is being made.

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