About: Katja Falinski

Katja Falinski
Allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Katja Falinski.

I was born in Padua in italy from Polish father and Spanish mother.
What I do:
I opened Beauty Rose in 2006, from a strong desire to follow a new kind of approach in the world of beauty.

Also from observing and assessing throughout my professional career, the influence that beauty treatments have in modern life, on our perception of ourselves, and our relations with others.

A little bit about me:
I have always been curious, audacious and a big traveller. I was passionate about learning professional massage since I was only 14 years old.

I am very comfortable around people and very sensitive to the relation they have with their own body.
My Passion:
I am passionate to create a business for hair and beauty, where there is respect for the worlds resources, environment and respect for each client individuality.
My Motivation:
My new salon called Beauty Rose 'hair and beauty professionals', has the aims of releasing the inner beauty, giving individuals more confidence in front of the world and respecting each individual's personality and characteristics.
My Background:
I developed my career studying beauty, make up, skin care, cosmetology, body treatments, machinery and business management.
My Experience:
After 18 years in this industry and having, travelled and lived in three countries, I am now proud business owner of a beautiful boutique hair and beauty salon, in the heart of London England (United Kingdom).
Personal Note:
I really enjoy when there is great collaboration among professionals and a peaceful, happy environment at work.
The Company:
My company is Beauty Rose Limited.

My brand name is Beauty Rose 'hair and beauty professionals'.

One year ago I extended my business into the hair industry and now I provide both hair and beauty.

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