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Do Men Create Initial Life In Human Reproduction?

Do men’s bodies carry life that has been created in the form of ‘sperm’ even before female fertilisation?

We often hear the phrase ‘Women give life’ or ‘Women create life’ and also that women are seen as part of ‘Mother Nature’ because fertility is normally associated with being female, but is this really true?

Could it be that it is men who may actually carry created life in the first instance?

This thought led me to the following questions:


Is a woman’s egg within her ovary alive?

Is there life in a women’s egg within her ovaries, or do eggs only have the chemicals, composition and environment to support life?


Is a man’s sperm alive?

By all accounts, a male’s sperm lives all by itself and can live for days. Some say a sperm is not alive, but why is it moving, swimming and searching for a female egg. Why does sperm behave this way? Does this not mean that sperm is alive?

The fact that a sperm searches constantly for a female egg, a sperm can recognise a female egg and a sperm knows ‘to burrow’ into the female egg, surely this shows that the sperm is both alive and has basic intelligence.


The role of science

Is science being too narrow?

What are the parameters set for the definition of life?


What does this mean for male and female treatment under the law?

What does this mean in terms of how society has portrayed women as ‘Life givers’ and the term ‘Mother nature’. Technically the carrying of created life should really be regarded as ‘Father nature’ also.

This does not detract from or comes close to the impact, risks, plus the effects on women during and after pregnancy, the risk to female health and to the life of a woman and her mental health, including financial and societal impact and that of the unborn baby.


Why is creation of life in nature seen as ‘Female’ in western and in some other cultures?

Men need to respect and understand that they carry created life in the form of independent, individual living sperm and therefore they create life.

Like the humble fruit fly that only lives 24 hours, why is the same minimum respect not given to the male sperm?

This is not just about the law defining when is life a ‘Life’, or when is life ‘Alive’ in societies, it is about when is life in sperm ‘Alive’?


The value of the male production of sperm

For many years men and society have taken for granted the humble sperm, and have casually ’tossed’ it aside (Excuse the pun!), like blowing your nose, or burping, or crying, society see’s it as just a function of the body.

Some men have failed to recognise the ‘legal view’, interpretation and impact’, plus the eventual emotional impact, associated with mens sperm.

The true impact and cost to men and women’s lives, of not managing sperm, is so far reaching, that it needs to be taught to adolescent boys and young men much earlier (The same for girls), as it has such a profound impact on the life of a men and women legally, financially and emotionally.


More men need to take control of when, how and if they want to have a child

Too many men keep giving the power and control of what happens to their sperm to women that they hardly know, or a woman with whom they would not normally choose to have a child,  or a woman with opposite views or differing outlooks on life.

Even after the sperm has left a mans body, men fail to realise that they need to take physical control and disposal of such items as condoms, towels and tissues etc., which is effectively taking legal control of the sperm, to protect themselves. Men must be the guardians of the careful and correct disposal of their sperm.


Not every female will be fair and just, there are some who are extremely manipulative

The legal and emotional consequences for men are equal to that of women, but many men sleep walk into a decision that has more financial liabilities than the biggest investments, such as a mortgage or a business and that outlasts the same.


Educating young men and young women from a very early age is critical, as raging hormones make it difficult to manage the emotional, social and financial pitfalls, penalties and consequences.  Without educating young men and young women from puberty and throughout their lives, the personal risks for both are too great.


We need to provide the knowledge and education to young boys and men, plus young girls and women, for them to be able to take control.


Naivety in men and women whether adolescent, young or older, is far too costly for all of us emotionally, financially and within our societies.



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