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Is Man Replacing Man With Artificial Intelligence And Machines?

If we create artificial intelligence or machines to do everything and to design everything, than eventually the commercial question will be, why do we need Man?

Man is in danger of making itself so irrelevant that Man will become just a commodity and a resource by itself, ironically we could become like a surplus consumable life form or product, just like we currently treat ‘live stock’ animals or machinery.

How will Man be needed If we have:

*  Machines to design, build and repair themselves.
*  Machines serving.
*  Machines making food.
*  Machines functioning commercially like humans.
*  Machines for general entertainment and for sexual entertainment.

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Where do we draw the line?

How then will Man be of use?



Imagine the complete inability to be employable, useful, plus the financial collapse and status loss for each individual.

The impact on society if Man has nothing but cosmetic superficial things to do or aim for, will be devastating:

*  No reason to achieve.
*  No feeling of being useful.
*  Of no importance.
*  Not needed.
*  Of no consequence.
*  Dispensable.

From machinery to generic modification of our food and our DNA, ‘Man’ has not acted solely for ‘Science’, but has used and hidden behind the name of ‘Science’ as a camouflage, to mask that ‘Man’ has also been relentless in its pursuit of being able to design and build man.

Instead of celebrating the wonders of the human body and humanity, man has dismissed and taken for granted this marvellous body, brain and spirit we have.

The idea that ‘Man’ should create efficiencies just because ‘Man’ can, or because it suits a commercial and/or financial model, does not consider what is ‘Man’ to do when ‘Man’ has nothing to really do.

What is the purpose of ‘Man’ creating artificial intelligence or machines in our veiled pursuit of commerce, disguised under the name of ‘Science’, if we are diminishing ‘Man’ and humanity?


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