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Rocio Ruano Sings Through Her Experienced Soul


At first glance, Rocio Ruano is an average, bubbly and warm individual. Then when she speaks to you, from out of her pours this celebration of life, vitality and energy, so you physically can really see and feel her creative spirit, as she shares her zest for life.

Artistically known as Rocio Ruano, she was born as Rocio Del Carmen Ruano Ramos in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria in Spain.



Rocio Ruano is a multitalented creative woman, singer, dancer, musician and songwriter all rolled into one.


To hear her sing is a joy and there is something reassuring in her vocal tone and the way she expresses herself. There is a beautiful reflective sentimental quality to her softer voice, she has a beautiful delivery of traditional Spanish songs and she also has the opposite side of her voice, where she can sing ‘Dance’, ‘Club’ and more ‘Edgier’ songs. Whether Rocio Ruano sings smooth or edgy, there is a lovely story telling quality to her voice, vocal arrangements and musical interpretations, no matter what style she is singing.


Rocio Ruano’s voice style is flexible, warm and giving. You feel her willingness to expose every area of her emotions, as she shares her professional performing journey through her vocals. You feel her experiences through her voice and through her singing, this is where you find the true Rocio Ruano, strong and vulnerable, wise and weary, optimistic and cautious, as well as expressing her joy and pain, ‘An experienced soul.’



Rocio Ruano started singing on Spanish television at the tender age of 2 years old. By the age of 8 years old she became a part of a musical production and performed with various artists, she also became part of a gospel choir.


She went on to develop her singing and performing skills, performing throughout Spain.




Rocio’s love of latin music, dance and performing arts, has driven Rocio on to express herself through multiple mediums. She has pushed hard to find her voice, to have her say and to find her place in this world.






A singer songwriter and a natural born performer, she expresses creativity and knowledge, that most of us do not get the opportunity to experience or express publicly.




The real beauty that resides within Rocio Ruano is her gift of sharing her positivity and inspiring others through her expression as an artist and performer, by using her tremendous life force, energy and experiences, to give to those who are open to listening.



Rocio Ruano is truly inspiring and energising, her energy is infectious and she reminds you that life is for living, not to hide yourself, not to retreat and not to be a bystander in your own life.


To hear her sing is as natural as her breathing, she reflects an array of moods musically and as a listener you become present in the moments that she creates.

Rocio Ruano is a modern but timeless singer and performer, with the beautiful gift of her inner spirit that she loves to share.


Look out for Rocio Ruano’s music and performances coming soon.



Coming soon more articles in the Rocio Ruano series.

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