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Don’t Blame The Salsa DJs

There are many musicians and artists who are amazed and wonder why more individuals are not being introduced to live salsa bands and live salsa music?

We all know that modern recorded and digital music is very good and costs far less compared to paying musicians to play. For the organisers and for the owners of venues, recorded and digital music is easier and more convenient when setting up an event, plus gives them greater profit margins and allows more profit for the ticket sellers within the ticket prices.


Live Salsa Music

The choice of styles that recorded and digital music gives the organisers and DJs is instant, however all these styles of music are based on the fantastic abilities of actual musicians playing live music, who have created and have brought this music to life.

The musicians and singers are able to play and produce beautifully integrated, syncopated and spontaneous music, that produces the ‘music interplay’, this is what makes the music unique for each performance. The spontaneousness of the ‘music interplay’ is something you cannot get from recorded and digital dance music or a DJ, and this is what makes live salsa music unique and so special. The ‘music interplay’ is what inspires dancers to be more creative.

There are some people and dancers out there, who simply prefer to have recorded and digital music, because they like to dance to music tracks that are no more than 3 to 4 minutes in length, this enables them to change dance partners or moods quickly. Also some dancers are not as fit as others, so they prefer music tracks that are 3 to 4 minutes in length.

Some people think that live band songs are too long, as they can be between 8 to 12 minutes in length.

In addition there is what I term ‘fast food’ salsa, quick and ‘On The Go’, catering for individuals who are not into live salsa music. This represents a slice of the salsa market.


Is Profit Reducing Live Salsa Music?

Within Salsa, there is a very diverse marketplace, so why is profit reducing live Salsa music?

What is interesting is that some organisers and the owners of venues are putting larger profits first, this is denying income for salsa musicians, which is also reducing the amount of live salsa music for everyone.

Not all organisers and promoters respect and enjoy live salsa music and musicians, there are some organisers, promoters who believe they are more important than live music and musicians. “Yes I know it is unbelievable that some individuals have this mentality”. The main question is, where is the support for live salsa music from the organisers and the owners of venues?

The treatment of musicians by some organisers and owners of venues, who will not pay decent money for musicians talents is terrible.

Also the treatment of musicians by some salsa dancers, who pay high prices for club DJs and events, but will not pay to hear talented salsa musicians play, is equally terrible, clearly this is wrong on every level, and disastrous to the quality of salsa in any town or city.


Collective Responsibility

Salsa teachers, dancers, organisers, promoters and venue owners, are all as responsible for maintaining live salsa music and supporting salsa musicians, because live salsa music and salsa musicians are at the heart of salsa dancing.

I will leave you with one question, if you love salsa music, what are you doing to support salsa events that are keeping salsa music live?


Enjoy live salsa today!


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