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Dancing Salsa At Nottinghill Carnival 2015

One of the wonderful ways to enjoy the Nottinghill Carnival is by dancing salsa at Carnival. This year it was one of the best years ever, despite the rain, and it was all down to a combination of the sound system ‘Latin Rave Street Jam’ salsa Djs and those individuals who the rain could not dampen their beautiful spirits!


Many people just love going to Nottinghill Carnival anyway, they simply enjoy the many cultures and international people they get to meet.


The Nottinghill Carnival ‘Salsa Area’ is a shinning example of cultural tolerance, expression  and our ability as human beings to share the same space, without anyone of any culture having any fear of being who you are, and the culture you are, or the origins you are from.


The Nottinghill Carnival shows we are more than just isolated cultures and beliefs, we are actually one peoples.


The Nottinghill Carnival helps share the love.


The warmth and friendliness of the salsa people is simply amazing!


It is a marvel to me that so many areas of society cannot see and learn from the achievements of the Nottinghill Carnival.


It is such a vitally important world event, the biggest in Europe, based right here in the heart of London.

The Nottinghill Carnival and collective individuals such as the ‘Latin Rave Street Jam’ salsa Djs and sound systems, are vital to the support of the carnival and need to be supported through attendance, sponsorship and funding.


Support the Nottinghill Carnival starting today, to make next year even better!


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