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LIFE - Live It Fully Everyday, acronym business concept
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You Have To Live Your Own Life

LIFE - Live It Fully Everyday, acronym business concept

Build in time for you to rest, this might mean you may have to take a financial reduction in your income, in order to get some rest in your body and mind, until you feel and become strong enough.

Once you get your energy back you will feel more inclined to engage with your life and feel you  have something more to offer.

It be comes a mental illness when you do not give yourself enough time to rest, the time to heal and the time to breathe mentally.

It affects every aspect of your life and permeates everything you do and your thoughts.

It strangles ideas and your vision.

It makes you numb and disconnected from doing things for yourself and being yourself.

It discourages your review of yourself. 

Stop living other peoples lives. 

Stop trying to live solely through fantasies. 

Stop solely living through media, video games, films, books, and other forms.

Stop living through artificial agendas, socially engineered fake competitions, artificial panics and artificial urgencies.

It is all designed to suck the energy out of you.

You have a life to live that is your own, so live it.


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