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Why Can’t People See Or Hear Me?

Sometimes you can get the feeling of being unseen, not valued, blocked, held back and this is not how you want to feel.

You feel restricted, you doubt yourself, nothing feels good or vibrant, all you can see is grey. You feel lost, not part of life and not noticed.

It can feel like the world is focused elsewhere and you don’t feel part of the important conversation of life, you feel discarded, underutilised, unnecessary and ignored.

You wonder how did you get this way and how do you get fully engaged with life again?

Where has the ability to see the ‘New’ in life and ability to ‘listen’ to life gone?

Where is the ability to see life’s colours and see the beauty in life?

Sometimes you feel that you are always struggling, you are often told that you are going against the grain. You cannot follow the path that others have set for you.

Some people seem to hate your independence and refuse to reward you for what you can do, or for what you can achieve, or for what you have done.

Often you cannot change how you feel within, or what it feels like looking out, but you are still willing to try to succeed. You also look for advice where you can, but so far there have been no opportunities that have really suited you.

Every time you try to conform to someone else’s agenda, it feels to you like a poor substitute for your own agenda and this causes you to feel irritated and unsatisfied, which makes you feel that you are letting yourself down and possibly losing out on other potential opportunities.

So your true task is to think independently and think outside the box in order to work around the blockades. You may find that you are being restricted by many organisations and individuals, who also have no interest in you and keep themselves at a distance. Some merely want to use and manipulate you.

You may have been given opportunities in a supporting role to others, but you feel you have to do your own thing to satisfy your internal entrepreneurial need, however this realisation may have taken you a long time to discover and accept. It could have been a self imposed fear of starting any process, because you could not see any clear future, opportunity, or light in front of you, or you could only see it when something was actually physically there.

You may finally realise that you have to create your own opportunities to base yourself within, by creating your own products and services, in order to have a direct economic route to customers.

You may realised that you want to live in hope and need to get away from environments that are alien to your core psyche. You may also want to get away from negative people who drain you and remove yourself from situations that disrupts your positive energy.

Surround yourself with friends, associates and people who give you optimism, who feed your spirit and push back at the negative energies, in order to focus and give yourself the best platform to move forward and try again.

Positive people give you reasons to try and a sense of being able to try.


So be positive and patient, then you will be seen by those who actually really matter to you.



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