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The True Multiracial DNA Spectrum Of The World


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The term ‘Multiracial’ has a broader definition than its socially narrow application and recognition. When it comes to race, the terms ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’ is a ridiculous ‘over simplification’ that certain groups, individuals and societies use as a propaganda tool, to separate and isolate peoples, by categorising people as part of their strategic social ‘Identity Politics’, fused with extreme psychological ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Patriotic Identity’, designed to build walls between races, backed up by unfair practices, self serving economic restrictions and social restrictions, plus at times abusiveness and violence.

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Historically throughout the world, many ‘Darker Skinned Spectrums’ of people have often been treated more badly and experienced discrimination by the ‘Lighter Skinned Spectrums’ of peoples, due to the fusion of strategic social ‘Identity Politics’ fused with extreme psychological ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Patriotic Identity’.

Various groups, individuals and societies throughout the world have promoted the terms ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’, in order to keep this ridiculous simplification and propaganda tool going, where it historically has been accepted.



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The terms ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’, should be changed to ‘Lighter skinned’ spectrums through to ‘Darker skinned’ spectrums, because the term ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’, is a visual reference only and does not account for the ‘Multiracial’ DNA of individuals and societies throughout the world. Neither does the terms ‘Black’ or ‘White or ’Brown’, correctly capture those who actively use these terms to fuse strategic social ‘Identity Politics’ with extreme psychological ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Patriotic Identity’ to further their own agendas.


39808969 - beautiful multicultural young woman outdoor portrait.There are many peoples around the world, who for example, look completely caucasian, or Asian, or African etc., but who are actually ‘Multicultural’ due to their DNA.

For example the majority of people with blood lines born in the Caribbean are actually ‘Multiracial’ due to their DNA and not the ridiculous ‘over simplification’ terms of ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’.

The historical colonial reference of the terms ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’, was designed to build extreme psychological ‘Cultural Identity’ walls and ‘Patriotic Identity’ walls between races, backed up by unfair practices, supported by abusiveness and violence.


It is true that there are many races such as African, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, English  Philippino, Jewish, Palestinian, Iranian, plus many more examples of races, that have some individuals who come from a purer bloodline heritage and DNA.


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However because of world wars, economic migration, multiple examples of ethnic cleansing, genocide, colonialism etc., many cultures DNA’s are surprisingly ‘Multiracial’.

The underlying categorisation of ‘Race’ promoted in the terms of ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’ is a deliberate over simplification, that is still being strategically merged with the psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and/or a ‘Patriotic Identity’ by some individuals and groups in many societies, to create an artificial separation of the true ‘Multiracial’ DNA spectrum of the world, for their own strategic and financial purposes.


This merger of the psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Patriotic Identity’, is purposely used by some individuals, groups and societies, to distort the fact the majority of the world is made up of ‘Multiracial’ DNA peoples, therefore we all need to push back against the use of colonial ‘Black’ or ‘White, or ‘Brown’ terms merged with the psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and ‘Patriotic Identity’, as a strategic ideology tool.


‘Nature’ (DNA) vs. ‘Nurture’ (The psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and/or a ‘Patriotic Identity’ by some groups in society for their own strategic and financial purposes).

Simply put, our ‘Nature’ is based on DNA facts that most of the world population is ‘Multiracial’, however the ’Nurture’ part is based on promoting the over simplification terms ‘Black’ or ‘White’ or ‘Brown’, which involves the fusion of strategic social ‘Identity Politics’ fused with the extreme psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and/or ‘Patriotic Identity’, that seeks to hide, distort and ignore the worlds population ‘Multiracial’ DNA facts.


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The reality is, the majority of the world is made up of ‘Multiracial’ peoples, although many groups and individuals try to hide this fact and truly try to psychologically and physically separate the broad spectrum of DNA ‘Multiracial’ individuals in societies throughout the world.

There also has been the societal stigma, social, mental and emotional abuse, by societies and individuals, who have historically treated ‘Multiracial’ children and adults as somehow ‘Not Normal’ and in many cases treated ‘Multiracial’ people as ‘Abnormal’ or as ‘Freaks’.


Those who are obviously visually ‘Multiracial’, have in the past and are currently still facing challenges due to individual and social attitudes, based on the arbitrary idea of what is an ‘Imposed Normal’, which societies around the world and some individuals deem to be ‘Normal’.


It is time we challenge various groups in societies around the world, who use the psychology of ‘Cultural Identity’ and/or a ‘Patriotic Identity’ (not based on DNA facts) to oppress those who are obviously ‘Multiracial’ in appearance and/or who are visually of a different DNA background.

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We need to stop this extreme psychological propaganda by some groups and individuals, who are trying to deny the DNA facts that in the world we live in, we do actually have a majority of peoples who are ‘Multiracial’.


It is time to see the world through opened eyes and an open mind.


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