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The Struggle Of An Artistic Soul.

It is a struggle being a creative artistic soul, it is both a pleasure and pain at the same time. It is like an itch that just has to be scratched, a need to express, or an expression that just has to be aired, brought to life, made physical, made visual, or made audible, or a need to share.

Every creative soul knows this pain, journey, elation and the disappointment.

After the process of creating, there is naturally a desire to share it. When trying to share your creation, there are some doors you will to try to open, some doors you will fail to get through, some doors that will be closed in your face, some doors you will regret opening and some doors that you will never freely choose but are often forced to take, because of finance or circumstances.

However saying all of this, there are some doors that are ideal for you to open and that lead you to an appreciated place.

The real ‘truth’ is not the final result or the end destination, the real ‘truth’ is the reason ‘why’ you express yourself in the way you do ‘The origin of your creativity’.

Why the passion, why does it gives you pleasure, why the pain, why the struggle, why the fuss, why the trouble, why be so detailed and why the fine adjustments?

It is all about what it means to you and what it says about you, the need to express, to cry, to remonstrated, to remember, to hurt, or to feel. The need to share your feelings, joys, frustrations, anxieties, angst, offensiveness, attacks on your beliefs, what you value, what you love, the assault on your pride and your well-being.

Those who do not get you, discard you, remove you, block you, thwart you, try to diminish you and try to replace you, steel from you, try to prevent you and try to ‘hang you out to dry’.

It is always good to be reminded that you are not seeking perfection, you are seeking expression.

The important question to ask is ‘Where is the help you need to be you?’

The ‘impatience’ within you cries out loudly, but the quiet ‘Doer’ inside you is the ‘real voice’, that ‘Stillness’ and quiet ‘Determination’ within you, that tells you what you need to do, whether or not people get it, or buy it, or like it, that is only the hope, having there for you to see for yourself is the reward.

Having your thoughts and expressions made tangible and real, is the ‘true reward’, the bonus is if other people like it also, although we are encouraged to think commercially otherwise.

The creative spirit is inspired, tortured, apparitional, often an example to us all, often suppressed, dismissed, ignored, full of elation, full of hurt and sometimes all at the same time.

Do not fight your creative spirit, recognise that it will never be perfect, accept the emotional extremes and conflicts that it brings, so that you have a better life and self expression.

Your creative spirit is like the weather, it occasionally is perfect, you cannot avoid it, however you can prepare to accommodate it, in order to survive it’s expressive upheavals and impact.


The main thing is to enjoy your creativity as much as you can!


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