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When Strength Goes Too Far.

Those who have had to go through adversity, or terrible personal difficulties, or have suffered at the hands of others, often gain an inner strength to protect themselves that is so strong, that they create a ‘singular determination and purpose’ within them, which is based on never being manipulated or bullied again.

This inner protective strength can also be overpowering to others, extreme and intolerant of any other methods, or of any other ways of doing things.

This behaviour can also be seen as behaving selfishly or ignorantly, which can damage their relationships with others.

It is difficult to know when a person’s actions are driven by the desire to protect themselves and this can cause difficulties in reading that person.

When you are on the receiving end of a person’s self-protective behaviour, there is no possibility of reasonably negotiating a mutual position or compromise, because their defensive stance is so intrenched. This defensiveness and determination to protect themselves is restricting to others and effectively you are dealing with that person’s ‘Emotional Baggage’.

If you are on the receiving end of such behaviour, you need to recognise and accept that this behaviour is not going be changed by that person easily, it will not readily disappear, it will only be changed if that person is absolutely prepared to do so, however this requires an enormous change of attitude on their part, which is extremely rare.

The ironic thing is that it takes an equal amount of strength and determination by you, not to become one of their bullied victims. You can expend so much emotional capital, that it feels as if you are being drained of the vital life forces of belief and optimism.

To resist someone who has this inner totalitarian protective strength, especially when you see such great potential in them, takes more strength than you realise.


You can either resist by standing up to their attitude, or become a victim.


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