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69913108 - inspiration quote " change your mindset" with blur bokeh, easel,wired handcrafted scooter and bicycle background ,motivational typographic.
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Resetting Your Mindset Is What Moves You Forward

It is hard to try to get over things and/or, around obstacles and/or, remove obstructions, therefore what enables you to do or achieve these things, is if you can imagine what it is that you need to do now.

Everyday basic things that you can easily do, sometimes seem to be a chore, that can build up over time, to become mental or emotional clutter, which becomes a self inflicted psychological and physical ‘Wall of junk’, that somehow you perceive to represent the issues in your life and what you wish not to face or deal with. However in reality this has nothing to do with the real reasons and issues that you have and need to deal with, therefore the clutter is only masking the true reality of your situation.

It is really within you to determine what is difficult for you to deal with, or what you need to do and why you perceive it as being difficult to deal with it, or for you to do it. It is completely 100% within your ability to acknowledge, face and realistically fight any issues that are immediately in front of you.

You have to accept and be at peace with the way your mind and spirit and body works for you (in alignment with each other), this is not about perfection and this is not to be done for any reasons but your own, not for corporations, organisations or religions and not for a friend or for family.

It is important to remember the joy of being you, this does not mean being selfish or not caring, or not being bothered, or blaming others, or attacking others, or expecting someone to magically do it all for you.

There are times when it would be nice to curl up in a ball and feel insulated from your environment and the nature of it, however this would mean you will lose out on the very essence of ‘feeling alive’ through joy, hope, fear, anger, pain, frustration, annoyance and more., or of being present and/or, being aware of the nature of your surroundings, just like feeling the wind and rain, or spring, summer sunshine, autumn or winter and/or through any function or expression or thought.

Do not block any of your feelings or frustrations to truncate your emotions (this does not mean disrespecting or abusing others or yourself), face the reality of your situation, look squarely at the problems or issues that you face, whether it is a financial, emotional, or health issue, or other issues, ‘Change your mindset’ and use all of these feelings and emotions to fuel your forward journey.

Do not dwell on the self indulgent feelings of being sorry for yourself, like you are the only person who ever lived who has gone through this, or the only life force in the world that has ever been restricted, wronged, or affected by something surrounding it, or affected by someone, or by circumstances, or by environment.


Simply ‘Reset your mindset’ in order to move forward and live your life.


‘Go and be you!’

69913108 - inspiration quote " change your mindset" with blur bokeh, easel,wired handcrafted scooter and bicycle background ,motivational typographic.


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One Comment

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