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Positively Breaking Through Barriers

Most people will not allow you to simply walk through their barriers unchallenged, or allow you to stay within their barriers uncontested, because they are protective, very suspicious of giving opportunity or knowledge away and do not want to be used or left behind. So instead most people are restrictive and generally unhelpful to your vision, focus or aims.

There is no other way to say this, but such barriers have to be broken through. However it is not always about ‘Brute force’ or ‘Force of will’, it also requires, determination, patience, belief, conviction of the heart, will power, common sense, compromises and strategy.

Your aim will be a struggle to achieve, with highs and lows. You will have many disappointments and perceived defeats. However there will be some sweeter and more successful moments also, although not as many as you would hope for.

The great mistake is to rely on ‘Being helped’, or ‘Assuming you will be supported’, or the hype of other people’s ‘Egos’ being too optimistic and the reality always falling short, or your ‘Pride’ which will fail you.

Using ‘Anger’, ‘Pay back,’ or ‘Revenge’ can only take you to a certain point, however once you are at that point these things cannot sustain you. You therefore need something else and something more to keep you motivated and moving forward.

It is you who must determine what ‘Motivation’ is right for you, or what it will mean to you personally, emotionally, physically, mentally and financially. Yes, your plans might change slightly in the interim, or you may have to adjust course temporarily, but do not loose sight of your chosen direction of travel, be true, because you have to be determined to achieve in order to succeed.

However this determination all comes with a warning, that life sometimes offers many doorways to other wonderful and interesting versions of you, so stay ‘Open minded’, because what you sometimes discover in life is, what life sometimes unexpectedly reveals to you, is more precious than what you first set out to achieve.

Remember that you can always choose to change your path at any time.


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