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Do Not Be Defined By Religions, Faiths Or Science

Why should we listen to any faith, belief, religion or other, that expresses that you are not part of the chosen few, or you are not of the right greed, or your blood line is not one of those who are selected, or your skin colour excludes you, or you cannot be allowed access to all levels of it because of your gender, or because you have a different view point.

The belief or notion that one group is more deserving than another is inherently and ideologically wrong.

So many faiths, beliefs, religions or others, somehow believe and state that you have only been given an auxiliary back door last chance path to joining the chosen few, which not only is degrading and belittling, but is presumptuous by stating that from birth a person’s life or spirit is greater and/or of more importance than another person’s life or spirit.

You do not need to be confined by other countries, or cultures, or people’s ideologies and/or logic, because other people’s ideas or beliefs of importance and emphasis is not yours and neither should it be. However it is most important that you respectfully allow those people who think and believe otherwise, to do so freely without affecting any legal right to do so, if this is what they freely choose to do

The ideas and theological consensus, often is just a way of carolling you into agreeing with the majority view without your say, for example, the majority countries around the world were not right when it came to the commerce and morals of 300 years of slavery, apartheid, or women rights, etc.

You do not need to belong to any organised beliefs, faiths or religions to be a good person or to do good things, because we are born with ability in our spirits to be good people and therefore we can choose to be good people, without following a particular order, denomination, body, group, or sect.

The extremeness of some views and stances taken by those who are over zealous about following their faiths, beliefs, religions or other, can lead to thoughts and actions by such individuals, that are amongst the worst actions and behaviour that our societies have ever known. In other words, many atrocities have been done in the name of faiths and religions. We should all keep this in our minds when speaking or being spoken to about a faith, a belief, or a disbelief, or religion.

We all should try not to judge the person we are communicating with and try not to have any judgement based on our own self importance, or solely on how we feel and/or what we personally believe in.


Everyone is not the same and it is our uniqueness that makes all of us so special.


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