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Let Your Spirit Rise Above Your Mental Scars

Mental scars mean that you feel you have given more than you should have gained, you feel attacked and bruised for being you, for your thoughts or ideas or beliefs, you feel you have paid a price or feel a sense of losing out.

You feel the pressures of your past reaching back at you, getting a hold of you, pulling you right back to the place where you felt unsafe. You feel attacked and scarred, you feel powerless to stop it from happening and you feel that you have no energy to fight it, because the situation drained you the last time, you feel scared and alone.


The depression woman sit on the floor with sexual harassment concept


When you have mental scars, you are cautious, sensitive, protective, you have concerns, you want to protect yourself and be protected, you need to see that everything is being considered properly and fairly. You do not want to be rushed, forced or trapped. You do not want to have worries.

It is only when you reach a certain acknowledgment and understanding of the inner-worth and inner-beauty of yourself, that will lead to the dissipation of oppressive feelings, dissipation of empty and angry emotions, which also leads to the revitalisation of any mental, psychological and emotional feelings of a ‘barren waste areas’ or neglected areas, that might be within you.


Human mood and emotion disorder concept as a tree shaped as two human faces with one half full of leaves and the opposite side empty branches as a medical metaphor for psychological contrast in feelings.


It is only you and your spirit (by allowing the positive and supportive inspiration of others), who can finally and truly face yourself, and when you do face yourself, it is only you who can allow the revitalisation of any of your psychological, emotional or mental ‘barren waste areas’ or neglected areas (that might be within you), to be replaced with new hope, new life and new growth.

It is your choice to mentally revitalise yourself with new hope, with new life and with new growth, with a little help from positive and supportive people.


It is you choice to be positive and surround yourself with positive people.


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