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Fighting Against Other People’s Negative Actions

Sometimes you can find yourself standing alone against the negative actions of others and it is hard to imagine a more isolated, restricting, intense, combative, brutal, constant, pressurised or frustrating situation, that is full of self-examination, for those of us who have chosen to stand and fight against negativity.

It is disappointing that there are others who want to and like being derogatory, hateful, manipulative, bullying, stifling and aggressive, they often thrive using their negative ways of acting. Many negative people want the chaos, the brutality, they want to cause pain and hurt to others, to control others, that is how they try to cling to power and survive, these individuals share this negative mentality and methodology with so many others who want to keep control by any means, for them it is a blood sport.

Sometimes it feels that you are out numbered, out manoeuvred, out voted and out resourced, however do remember that there are more individuals like you who want to be positive than you think. Your job is to actively find these positive individuals and to engage with them, for inspiration and also because there is strength in numbers.

When things get hard, remember it is not just a choice to stand up against negative actions, because negative actions are not naturally in your nature, therefore it is an absolute necessity for you to stand up against negative actions and not just a choice that you make!

Many people choose to stand up against negative actions for the following reasons:

* Wanting to be independent and not be forced or corralled into following negative individuals or a pack mentality.

* During childhood through to adult hood, some individuals have been forced in negative ways by parents, faith groups, other individuals and environments, including selective groups.

* Wanting to stand up for yourself.

* Wanting the rewards of being independent.

* Wanting to fight injustice and bullying.

* Wanting to be and enjoying being a good person.

* Wanting people to do the right things.

* Wanting to fight restrictions and injustices of society in any form.

* Wanting to have a seat at the decision making table in your own right, with your own values.

There is often a cost for standing up to negative actions, which at times consists of isolation, loneliness, frustration, annoyance, disbelief, sadness, threats, anger against you, viciousness against you including deviousness, strategies against you and undervaluing of you.

Choosing to fight against others’ negative actions:

There can be a price to pay and you rarely, plus do not often get immediately rewarded for your efforts, in fact you can end up paying quite a high price throughout your life. The question is can you behave any other way?

Some of us cannot behave in negative ways and there are many individuals who cannot behave in negative ways either, however there are quite a few individuals who appear to be able to thrive in the murky grey waters of negativity.

Sometimes the choice to stand up against individuals with a negative pack mentality, comes with a sacrifice you must be willing to make and have to make to be yourself, because you cannot be any other way, because this is how you are made psychologically and emotionally, which can be very difficult for you and can be very different to those who appear to believe that everyone has to be negative or act negatively to get on.

You do not have to act negatively to get on in life, simply stay true to your values and beliefs, which is ultimately the right thing to do.

Stay true to yourself.


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