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Do Faiths And Religions Openly Seek The Truth?

The Hidden Truth About Faiths and Religions:

Seeking the truth (Righteousness of the Creator – ‘Of The Book’) should be the spiritual essence of, at the heart of, and in the DNA of faith or religion. The truth should be the very underpinnings of faith and religion.

So why is it that so many faiths and religions regularly fail to seek, share and highlight the truth? Why do faiths and religions regularly deny and refuse to openly discuss key facts, major discrepancies, previous historical information, known artefacts, symbols, previously written scripts, oral information, plus historical, physical evidence and more?

Why is it that many faiths and religions are abandoning, ignoring, hiding, glossing over, plus brushing over so many important facts, information and items, inconsistent and inconvenient to them, that they do not want to face up to, or do not want you to know. so it is swept under the carpet, to keep these things hidden and secret? Some of this behaviour is down to the ignorance and the mindless stubborn attitudes of those in charge not willing to seek the truth, but some of it is the blatant and wilful actions, plus subversion by those in charge, by them not showing, sharing and actively seeking the truth. There are some who are open to discuss and seek the ‘Truth’, but they are very few and far between.

Where, when, why and how did key names appear in the documents, of faiths and religions (and by who), when these key names were not in the original scripts documents, or symbols, or practises?  Why were so many of the artefacts, artworks and documents altered, changed, painted over and revised by conquerers and religions? Why have there been so many retrospective changes made by so many, without public common knowledge or consent?

Many faiths and religions were altered to suit the conquerers of the conquered nations and peoples. The conquered peoples were forced to adopt the conqueror’s changes, and in some cases the conquered peoples faiths and religions were completely eradicated and/or, assimilated into the faiths and religions of the conquerers, to reflect the views, attitudes, politics, ideologies of the conquerors.

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The transition of languages through the eyes and control of conquerers  changes, ideologies, beliefs, laws, politics, restrictions, concepts, falsehoods and propaganda, were forced on the conquered peoples and was embedded into every aspect of their lives, faiths, beliefs, religion, politics and more, like a thread in a tapestry.


When you think of the timelines of languages and peoples who had been conquered, it always favours and reflects that of the conquerors, there are many such timelines, here are jut a few examples:

Original (Ancient) Hebrew(Of The Book)  – symbol language/picture language:

Was altered, reinterpreted and changed to:  Modern Hebrew

Was altered, reinterpreted and changed to: Greek alphabet

Was altered, reinterpreted and changed to: Latin alphabet

Was altered, reinterpreted and changed to: English and other languages and alphabets.

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The magnitude, breadth and scope of what was altered, reinterpreted and changed by the many conquerers is astounding, when you look into the quantity, volume of changes and range of interpretations, that have been imposed and injected into the many conquered peoples and nations languages and lives, throughout the various societies around the world, by the many conquerers throughout history, including the imposing of the conquerors’ beliefs, philosophies and politics, that were and still are used as mechanisms for controlling, forcing and influencing these conquered peoples and nations.


Faiths and Religions VS. Salvation and Righteousness:

Faith and religion is not the same as ‘Salvation’ and ‘Righteousness’.

‘Salvation’ and ‘Righteousness’ cannot be bestowed by a faith or a religion, this is gained through your personal spiritual connection with the creator {Nothing else can replace this.).

Salvation and righteousness is an individual journey that no one and/or nothing else can do or take for you, it is your own personal journey, your own ‘Damascus Road, when you seek the ‘Truth’ through ‘Righteousness’.

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Salvation and righteousness is just you and the creator, no labels, no gimmicks, it is not about time spent, money given, good deeds done, care given, or help given,  plus no other deeds can assist you and no-one can do it for you, when it comes to your personal salvation and righteousness with the creator.


It is not the physical environment you go to practice a faith or religion, it is a about the one to one connection you have with the creator, anywhere and everywhere.

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The false idols of your mind, of the visual, of the senses and everyday negative environments must be spiritually put aside and must take second place to your personal truth, righteousness and connection with the creator.

Your spiritual conscience will guide you and tell you what needs to be done to seek the ‘Truth’, in order for you to live a righteous life and connect with the creator.

You can connect with the creator through righteousness and spiritual prayer.


Our prayers go out to each and everyone of you.


‘Seek the truth!’


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