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Baby Steps Do Not Have To Be Small Just Think Big

All you need is the basic tools and attitude, to make what seemed impossible before, closer to being a reality.

36506552 - calgary, canada july 20 2014: an unidentified young girl participates at the annual sun and salsa at kensington festival in calgary.


The key is to let the creative child within you play, use, try, imagine and have fun creating.

Did you ever stop to think why the humble ‘Zip’ was invented, when we already had buttons?

Although buttons come first the ‘Zip’ is now equally as important.


Your ideas might be as important as the humble ‘Zip’, therefore it is very important to note that some people will see your ideas as unnecessary because they are use to something else (like buttons), however you should give your ideas time or even try again, because you just might have an idea as equally important as the ‘Zip’ , you just never know.


Open up your mind and just remember, no one’s shoes are too big to be filled.


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