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Is Media Used To Stereotype And Suppress Culture?

The idea that well known ex-criminals made into entertainment industry celebrities, and/or selective types of establishment ‘Created’ celebrities, represent who I am and the culture that I am from, is completely without merit, absolutely ridiculous and an absolute farce.

The narrative and/or notion that the mindset of ex-offenders is the same as mine, and/or represents me or my culture, is just completely wrong. This narrative, notion and approach is a deliberate strategy to suppress and financially harm me, and/or harm my culture, and/or other cultures.

Society keeps on lumping us all together based on the assumption that these ex-criminal’s so called personal stories known as ‘Bad turned good stories’ or ‘Redemption stories’, is the blueprint for my culture, they could not be further from the truth, as they do not have the same views and ideals as what I have, or think and feel the way I do.

So why are some societies and establishments around the world pushing these types of individuals in the media as the only example of what represents me and my culture?

What is it about some societies that want to use the media to lower or try to lower the horizons for people of a different culture like myself?

Why do some individuals and some societies think that they need to use the media to try and manipulate how or what someone like me, or those of a young age think and feel?

Looking at the media, advertising in general and TV channels, what is being pushed as representing me and/or many of the individuals that I know, actually does not represent me or individuals I know.

Do they think that we would not notice?

Do they think we are stupid?

It is time to support organisations who have balanced services, balanced advertising and treat all their customer’s cultures with respect.

Do not allow any of the negativity and underhanded stereotyping, plus exclusion based propaganda that sometimes appears within the media, to be aired without it being challenged and your complaints lodged against it.

Let the author, media and others know your thoughts, but most importantly of all, always complain when you know something is wrong.

You do not have to put up with any ‘silently vicious’ attacks on your identity or your culture, that you find sometimes within many forms of media.


You have the right and power to choose to use only companies that have services and marketing which reflects, or represents you, plus do not pigeon hole you!


Challenge the unfounded negativity!


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