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When Others Do Not Share Your Sense Of Urgency

Have you ever been in a situation where you have been working on something that you are passionate about, but the frustration of delays or other people and other things, has caused you to feel that you are no longer connected to what you originally started doing or wanted, and because of delays and because of other things, you have lost the connection to what you have been trying to do, or create, causing you to lose your energy that was associated with it, or attached to it?

It is an emotional moment that happens within you, that causes your belief momentum to feel disappointed, and you feel let down, you feel disheartened and then you believe you are stalled, meaning that essentially the energy that fuels you is being blocked and you feel as if this energy has been switched off.

Your original logic is still functioning, but intellectually and emotionally you have disconnected and switched off, because you can no longer tolerate the ignorance in the method being applied by others, within the situation you are having to deal with. This has a massive impact on your thought processes, because you feel others do not understand, and/or they have no respect, or regard to the psychology of how you need to operate as an individual or creative spirit.

It is like you are walking through wind, you feel physically heavy, everything requires unnatural effort to do, or to move forwards. You feel you have several blankets wrapped around your head, so it feels heavy and everything that you do has to be forced. Your negative thoughts are louder and drowning out everything else within you.

This is when you have to remember that this part of the journey is a lonely road.

The good thing is that you can get alternative energy by being creative in other areas and engaging with people of positive energies and spirits.


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