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Philip Brade’s Very Exemplary Innings And Legacy

From the Caribbean island of Montserrat to the British Military in England.

Philip Brade was born 1944 in Friths Village in Salem district, St Peters Parish, Montserrat to Parents Louisa Brade (her maiden name is Irish) and Charles Brade.

Philip is the 3rd youngest of 11 children (Nickky, Charles, Joe, Nan, Mary, Bethany, George, Peter, Philip, Thomas and Joyce).


He left Montserrat and travelled to England in the December 1961, arriving in London on 2nd January 1962.

Philip came from a gifted musical family consisting of brothers and sisters; Nickky (Double base and Saxophone phone), Charles (Guitar), Joe (Guitar and clarinet), George (Steel band pan), Peter (Drums), Philip (base Conga drums x 4 and Tenner Pan x 2).


Philip served in the British Army from 1964 to 1973, where he had an exemplary service record. He was also a sportsman within the army, winning the 400 meters race gold medal in Cyprus against all the other units stationed in Cyprus, as well as being part of the British Team that won the silver medal  in the 4 x 400 meters race. In 1969 he was also in the British Team that came third in the Pomagusta race in Cyprus.






Philip received his HM Veteran Armed Forces medal in 2005.



Military Service:


Philip Brade – 1970 United Nations Medal – Given by General of the UN troops in Cyprus.

Cyprus Sports:

Philip Brade winning 400 meters race gold medal in Cyprus 1969 against Australia, Canada, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Philip Brade – Cyprus 1969 400 meters gold medal.

Philip Brade – Cyprus 1969 4 x 400 meters gold medal.

The British Team third place medal for the Cyprus Pomagusta race 1969.

Cricket and Dominos:

Phillip also played cricket for the army and continued playing when he left the army and his sporting prowess enabled him to achieve trophies for achiving 5 wickets and also 100 cricket runs not out, in addition he received the Ambassador Trophy Runner Up 1988 in London, plus played for the BBC Director General cricket team.

MOPPA CC (Montserrat Overseas Peoples Progressive Alliance Cricket Club) a charity setup to support Montserratians within the UNITED kingdom.

Family Legacy:

Philip’s outlook on life is based on what his school teacher in Montserrat once said to him, which he never forgot. His school teacher told him the following sentence ‘When I wake up in the morning I forget about yesterday, I give thanks for today and hope for tomorrow’.

Philip’s Personal Preferences:

Favourite foods: Rice and peas, chicken and also jerk pork, plus his favourite fruit is Mango.

Favourite music: All types he is never limited on taste.

Favourite music artists: Too many to narrow down.

Most proudest moments: Apart from having his children, his proudest moments were his biggest sporting moments, which were winning the 400 meters race gold medal and British Team 4 x 400 race medals, plus achieving 100 number cricket runs not out in Essex.

Most poignant moments: Working for the BBC and meeting all those famous stars such as Diana Ross and Rowen Atkinson etc.

Toughest times: First months after starting his mortgage, when the interest rate went up from 7% to 14%.

Happiest times: Working in the BBC on the programmes and meeting such nice people.

My personal note to Philip:

Philip and Charles (His brother) stepped in where my father did not and could not. I owe so much to both of them because my life would have been harder without their help and support. They introduced me to family that I did not know and would not have known if it were not for them. I thank them for creating such great memories and for allowing me to have a better platform in life.


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