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Forgive Yourself For What You Are Not

When a situation, idea, or thought makes you feel pressure inside of your head and mind, or your brain feels like there are walls on all sides closing inwards, and if you feel like you are being dragged away from being yourself, just remember to forgive yourself for what you are not and simply be yourself.

Do not let your pride be the judge and jury of your life, instead let life reveal its judgement to you, because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Sometimes the situations that we fear the most, can work out to be easier than expected, if we face them truly and honestly.

When you think to yourself ‘I could have done better’, this is only an excuse not to do better now, because what is done is an old reality, and now is the new and only reality.

You will need to accept that you are still alive and now is the only real option that you have for change, for improvement and to be you.


Do not let your life waste away or pass you by.


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