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Challenging Societies Written Records And History

Taking all the world’s historians, writers, people who have been published and the appraisals of others, including the various artists in the many societies, who are all held by societies in high regard and put on pedestals, then reviewing them, by looking at how societies have manipulated the recording of the histories of the world and how societies destroyed and stole from other cultures. Now add, how these manipulated written histories have been used as weapons for dismantling, destroying, hiding and getting rid of all the evidence of quality in other cultures, that disagree with, casts doubt on, or completely disproves these cultures claims and written histories, is the only way to get to the truth. It is therefore understandable that there will be very little of the original written history left, for the cultures of the affected generations now (and generations to come) to compare their cultures to. What little is left (if any) of the original written history left of other cultures, is swamped and crowded out by so much current ‘unchallenged’ written records and histories, plus other well known stories told by other cultures, writers and artists. Historically other cultures were only allowed in certain areas such as ‘entertainment’ and not globally allowed into any of the core areas such as legislation, the law, politics, journalism, science, technology, business, marketing and many other areas.

Ancient Nabatean and Thamudic inscriptions on rock representing camel caravan and humans. Khazali canyon, Wadi Rum desert, Jordan

How do we begin coping with the lack of written historical references, that were destroyed on the basis of societies that solely believe in promoting their own cultures?

How are we going to be able to compare available information successfully within societies who have suppressed individual cultures, while promoting their own cultures, by destroying the written records, artefacts, information, involving beating and killing individuals, who suffered indignities and who’s works were plagiarised, had their ideas stolen and worse.

Where are the alternatives to teach our children?

Where are the complete and encapsulating teaching models in societies, that set out all the other cultures written historic methodologies, ideas, images, publications and submissions, that are part of all our collective cultures?

How are we supposed to cope when there is no true comparison to quality of the missing written works within our cultures?

How are we supposed to cope with the loss of comparison and understanding, that historically has been denied us regarding the expressions of our cultures, in key areas and in all walks of society?

We must build up our written history and we need to put it together now for our children.

Some of the greatest written history, artefacts, writers, artists and creative people in our known histories, have been destroyed or killed and never celebrated, because we didn’t even know they even existed, because of racism within cultures. Too many cultures were destroyed, merged, defeated, scorned and denied the right to exist, while those in military and financial control created a skewed version of written records, representing a skewed (false) sense of the best, brightest and most brilliant within their societies, all based on lies, deceptions, denied access, denied expression  and denied reality of the truth.

It's Your Time text with yellow clock. Business concept

The our current reality is so different now!

We are now the living proof of the differences, so we are now all the new datapoint in which to compare, show and express the true cultural records of who were are and how we can express ourselves. We can now reject the lies, falsehoods and misconceptions imposed historically by other cultures, which is truly an amazing situation to be in.


You are now the new history,’ it’s your time’ to have your say!

What history will you write?


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