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Italian Cheese, Pasta And Meat Salad, Week Special

Every 7 days The Italian Job Pub serves up a brand new weekly ‘Special’ dish which is placed onto their menu for that week only.

My first reaction when I was recommended the ‘7 Day Special’ dish called ‘Fregola Salad’ was, ‘What is an Italian cheese, pasta and meat salad?’

Then when the dish arrived and I tasted the ‘Fregola Salad’, the flavours were wonderful. While I was eating the dish, I kept thinking that this was not a ‘salad’ in my normal understanding of a salad, instead it was a meal on its own.

The ‘Fregola Salad’ dish is refreshing, invigorating and is good for you, but this is where the similarities to a normal salad ends.

Usually salads have a tendency to leave you wanting or needing more to eat, because you are still hungry, but in contrast the ‘Fregola Salad’ makes you feel pleasantly satisfied and full. It makes you want more because of the great taste and not because of  hunger.

If you are a sporty person, or go to the gym regularly, or do a lot of running, or keep fit, or dancing and want to eat healthy with carbohydrates, but you do not want a heavy meal, then the ‘Fregola Salad’ is a great choice if available.

The chefs at the Italian Job Pub (Notting Hill) can also produce a vegitarian version of the ‘7  Day Special’ dishes to suit customers.

To accompany these wonderful dishes, The Italian Job Pub (Notting Hill) serves a great range of specialist Italian craft beers and wines. The friendly staff provide great advice on what Italian specialist beers and wines would suit your palette and also advise on the ranges of dishes and options on the menus.

You can enjoy the wonderful combinations of Italian foods and beverages, in a relaxed environment, plus interesting decor of the ‘casual spaces’ or within the ‘restaurant area’.

Come down and try great tasting Italian food, specialist Italian craft beers and wines, with added music, dance and social entertainment, here at The Italian Job Pub (Notting Hill).


The Italian Job Pub (Notting Hill), ‘A nice place to be!’


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