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HK Diner Show Art Of Cooking Steamed Sea Bass

While in the heart of Soho London I entered a Chinese restaurant called ‘HK Diner’ for the first time.

I found myself in a humble place, at a humble table, with humble crockery, cutlery and surroundings. Amongst the hum of other diners, the peacefully soothing music contrasted against the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the staff collecting and managing completed services, along with ushering diners to and from their tables.

However looks can be deceiving, do not be fooled by first impressions, as this is no ordinary restaurant, behind this simple image, is a tiger dragon with a heart that beats fast and strong, with pride and quiet inner respect for what it does.

I ordered steamed sea bass in ginger and spring onion, I have had this dish in other restaurants many times before, but never like this.

Accompanying the steamed sea bass I ordered broccoli in ginger wine, salt & pepper prawns and special fried rice.

Firstly, on the dishes arrival to the table, came a feast for the eyes, then the beautiful aromatic smells that make you salivate. You find your in a revolving door between the two feelings of visual joy and taste anticipation.


IMG_2805_Prawns IMG_2814_broccoli IMG_2809_rice


Then you start with the first mouthful, well it’s just unbelievable how they get the textures, levels and multi dimensions of taste, pleasure and that special unknown quantity into the cooking process?

The flavours and balance is such that it releases happiness within you, your face cannot suppress the celebration in your mouth.

This is a restaurant that is understated, but has the power to change literally how you feel through your pallet, in a powerfully positive way.

It is all down to a combination of having a master chef who’s’ pallet is second to none, the wonderful organising dynamo of Ken, she is the assistant manager, and the amazing customer interpersonal management skills of Harry, he is the restaurant manager.

Harry’s and Ken’s personalities are as vibrant and wonderful as the food that they serve, they instantly make you feel welcomed and at ease. Harry has amazing ‘Front Of House’ skills and abilities, you feel his personality shine throughout this establishment, he is humble but his positive energy is a gift.

Beneath them is a great team of highly skilled cooks and well drilled service staff, who are a well oiled machine with many parts. Their ability to service customers with the pace, consistency and efficiency, is an amazing thing to see.

If you want Chinese food cooked beautifully, HK Diner in Wardour Street is an oasis of flavours and tastes.


HK Diner is a wonderful hidden gem.


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