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This House Of Leather Shop Will Not Tan Your Hide

In the heart of Camden Town, in London, sits a gem of a shop called ‘House of Leather’, specialists in ‘Made to measure’ leather jackets, trousers and long coats etc.

However this ‘House of Leather’ should really be called ‘Home of Leather’, because of the warm, welcoming and homely reception you receive and the good natured energy of the owner proprietor Majid Quaid and his members of staff.

The late American singer ‘Luther Vandross’ used to sing a song called ‘A House Is Not A Home’ with the lyrics describing ‘When Your Not There’, well this ‘House of Leather’ shop is homely whenever you get there!

You could easily walk past this shop if you are not careful, because it is quite easy to walk by the front of this shop and not see the quality of the leather clothing on the inside.

To get customers attention, the owner Majid has created something very distinctive about this shop if you know what to look out for, or should I say listen out for, because from the outside of this shop, you cannot fail to hear the joyful sounds of Salsa Music as you approach it.

Inside is orderly and well organised. There are a variety of leather coats and jackets that you will wear with pride and never want to hide.

The service is with a smile and the staff are attentive and willing to share their expert opinions on what suits your style and what works for you. There are so many shops where staff really do not know the product range or how those products might work for you. At ‘House of leather’ this is completely the opposite, the staff know what they are doing and aim to make all customer purchases the right items to suit them.

Like many good things, this shop is not be the most attractive from the outside, but the quantity within is unmistakable.

The quality of the clothing in this leather shop will surprise you, we highly recommend that you go there, try it and see it for yourself.


You be the judge of the ‘House of Leather’ shop in Camden Town, London, UK.


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