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A Spanish Dancer Fuses Middle Eastern And Latin Dance


Watching Nuria Suarez dance is compelling and delightful. Seeing the music interpreted through her eyes, as she harnesses her creative happy energy within her performances, fills you with joy, you get to see her soul at it’s purest and freest state expressed through her dance.


Nuria Suarez is a spanish dancer fusing middle eastern and latin dance, bringing together an explosion of both cultures energies, colours, sensuality, softness and wonderful movements through dance. Nuria’s interpretation will take you away into a world of creative dance, made visible through her hypnotizing body movement and her musical interpretation.




Her beautiful use and combination of vibrant shiny costumes, textures, flowing materials and dance, adds to the vibrant rhythms of the music, captivating and allowing you to see and feel a rainbow of sensations.



The mixture of soulful, soft, relaxing beats, where she displays her effortless body isolations and fluidity, is like the wind caressing the leaves of a tree, this is followed by more lively movements, supported by upbeat tempos and percussive music, the combinations enhances your experience of the rhythms within her dancing.




Nuria’s creative and unexpected body movements are intertwined within her musical interpretation, which is a celebration of the joyful, vibrant and empathetic atmosphere that she brings.






The enjoyment of her free expression is so contagious, you feel liberated by it. Her hypnotising body isolations and display of extremely intricate muscle control, as she follows the music, is almost magical and appears mystical in a way, as if the instruments were being played from within her.



Nuria’s dancing has a way of captivating the eyes of the audience, as she creates moments that you feel her complete self expression. You feel you are able to embrace her musical passion, becoming a part of an untold story.




Nuria aims to take your breath away with the beauty of her soul displayed as dance movements. Nuria’s dance story telling, expresses her spirit, energy and physicality, through the beauty of dance.




Nuria shares her colours of happiness in her dancing and her charisma, creating a visual feast and a wonderful atmosphere set to music.

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