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Salsa Dancing At The Nottinghill Carnival 2018

f you have not been to the salsa area within the Nottinghill Carnival, where ‘Latin Rave Street Jam.’ (Sound System) is located, well you are missing out on this wonderful part of the Nottinghill Carnival.

There are two full days of salsa dancing starting from Sunday 30th August and continuing on Monday 31st August.

How to find the salsa area 2018:

The salsa area is listed within the Nottinghill Carnival as Sound System called ‘Latin Rave Street Jam’ which is located at 318 Portobello Road, W10 5RU on Portobello Road, above the junction of Portobello Road and Golborne Road.


Nottinghill Carnival Salsa Area Map

At the salsa area you will find a fun group of Salsa DJs, where the music is fantastic, the sound system is great.

Get yourself down to the salsa area of Nottinghill to appreciate the fun that is to be found at Nottinghill Carnival.


Join in the two full days of salsa joy!


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