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Just Something About Women Who Partner Dance

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There is something wonderful about women who dance.

The way a woman can share her energy and ora, freely and without pretentiousness, a giving of emotional sentiment to the music when dance partners movements and the music meets, that engulfs you. This is such a wonderful moment in time, it fills your senses with life and warmth, it is remarkable


Passionate young couple dancing on white background




From the holding of her right hand in your left hand, to the shape of her lower back supported by your right hand with her left hand gentility resting on your right shoulder, from these three points of contact alone, it feels amazing.

From these three points of partner dancing contact, added to her movements connecting to the rhythms flows, is what makes the dance unique and remarkable, especially when the dance partnership is in sync and in harmony.


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What a woman gives, is her expression of freedom and her elevated spirit and sense of being, spanning her range of emotions from serious through to charming and delightful, this range of emotional choices is what frees her.

All you can do is admire and celebrate her individuality, womanliness, and the essence of her femininity, throughout the dance.



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