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Iran and Me

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Shiraz traditional costume


I really enjoyed my two months holiday in Iran. It’s a pretty big country and I felt very welcomed as a tourist.

In May and June the temperature is high over there, even in Shiraz (where I stayed), which is 1500 meters above see level.

The buildings and the landscape have tones of sand and desert, there is in fact very little vegetation.

The house that I used to stay in Shiraz was big and cool.

The meals were big and delicious. The base of their traditional cooking is rice accompanied with chicken and lamb cooked in a big saucepan with tomato, onions, courgettes, aubergines, carrots, garlick or very nice seasonings.

The people that  I stayed with were very lovely. In the freetime we used to go shopping for clothes. Sometimes we visited archeological heritages, where I used to buy books about millenary things.





Naqsh-e Rostam


When I think about Iran, I wish to travel the parts that I haven’t visited yet, as I have found the people really welcoming and the natural, archeological  and cultural heritage are wonderful!


Iran is quite amazing.


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