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Smoothy To Fight Against Baby Blues

 Fresh smoothy to help concentration and release stress:



The ‘Baby blues’ also known as ‘Post natal depression’, can affect a lot of women. When I have given birth, I was one of these woman, I was so emotional, stressed and anxious from going through a long delivery. I had mood swing and I could not sleep for days, because I was worried about how to do the right things for my newborn baby, worried about why my baby was crying and what that meant. I also wanted to learn all the tips from the professionals, the meanings of all the gesture and sounds that my child makes, and how to be a good mother. Things like how I would fed my baby, whether to breast feed or bottle feed, how to change a nappy, and how to respond to my baby’s needs, as well as trusting my maternel instinct.

      And this is completely normal…


How can we mothers take care of ourselves also?

I would like to share a fresh smoothy making tip that is a ‘sweet’ part of my journey to have a healthy diet, fight against stress, and improve my concentration, which I hope will give an extra boost to your daily energy in your life as and when you need it (As it does for me in my life).


My fresh smoothy tip

For a quantity of 380ml, you will need:

– 1 banana, 1 clementine, 1 pinch of blueberries, 1 tea spoon of vanilla essence, 1 pinch of cinnamon, 1/4 of litchi jus, 3/4 of water…




Banana, is beneficial for heart health, preserving memory and boost the mood. Help to maintain blood pressure and prevent diabetes, is also a good source of vitamin. (Banana with apple would help against diarrhoea).


Will help you to have a healthy skin because of the vitamin C, good for the brain, as it is a source of folate (is a vitamin B also called Folic acid) and helps to reduce stress and depression.

Dry Blueberries:

Helps to keep the bones strong and healthy, rich in vitamin K (recommended for pregnant woman in regulating the blood), helps to prevent diabetes and cardiovascular problem.


Helps to improve mental performance, it is an antioxidant, helps reduce inflammation and also calms stomach pain, helps reduces hunger and helps relieve stress.


Helps to have a better brain function, especially helps to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Improves blood flow to organs and helps reduce the blood pressure, helps reduce weight, protects the skin from UV rays, and is a source of vitamin C.


Please read in this magazine the article titled ‘Is your water toxic?’ written by True Chemical Warrior.







If it is ok I would like to share more of my recipes with you.


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