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The Colour Of Your Skin VS. Your Identity.

Look at your hands, look closely at your skin, examine it a moment, then ask yourself this question, ’Does it speak?’  

Clearly skin does not speak.

So why do other people try to speak for your skin? 

Your identity and how you identify yourself, or who or what you identify yourself as, is based on the opposite sides of your mental choice vs. your gut instinct (Is it social science or is it within you?).

Why do people categorise, pigeonhole, make judgements and take actions depending on your skin colour?

For example, the way you choose to dress, informs people’s ideas of you, more often these ideas or opinions of you are incorrect, because most people do not know what to do with things they cannot categorise or pigeonhole easily, because it is too expansive for their views of normality.

Who sets these views of ‘normality’ for them?

Who told them that they had to be so restricted and restrictive?

You on the other hand, do not get to choose the colour of your skin when you are born, unlike choosing how you dress, therefore you should not have to alter your behaviour by the way people treat you, because of your skin colour.


15629386 - woman with scarf and mask


Why do people behave and act so differently depending on the type of skin you have?

Other peoples skin do not speaks so why do they think and feel that they somehow have the right to speak for your skin colour?

Why is your skin colour subject to question and alternative behaviours by others?

As your skin cannot speak why are you being asked different questions based on your skin colour?

As your skin cannot speak, how can it say anything to others?,

The issues are what other people want to mentally and psychologically impose on you. 

Is this an ideology that has been given to people, where did it come from, by whom and why?


10087029 - portrait of a beautiful black girl with white mask


Why should you be judged by your skin colour and why should others be the judge?



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