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Beauty Rose Adds A Stylish New Hair Service

When Beauty Rose was only a beauty salon, it was easier to decide upon the choice of professionals to use, check their level of experience, train them to deliver the Beauty Rose service, order the right products and find within the beauty market the next up and coming ‘big hit’ treatments.

Now that Beauty Rose has expanded to become Beauty Rose ‘hair and beauty professionals’, we are committed to giving the best experience in hair as well.

Beauty Rose has had to explore and master a whole new world, the world of hairdressing!

There have been moments where during this challenge, I felt that the only solution was to give my salon a stronger name to include hair, to get help on re-organising the business and give the right attractive brand personality to it.

I am glad I did not have to change the words Beauty Rose within my salon name, as the Beauty Rose name and brand already has the right attractive brand personality to it.

Now that Beauty Rose has expanded into hair, I am very happy and proud of how the new team members have taken on the challenge of getting Beauty Rose up to speed with the hair industry. It has helped me to be more creative and motivated about what I do and achieve.

What I have gained from the expansion into hair, is the confirmation that the only way to do business providing a service you are not initially so fully experienced in, is by always asking yourself what you would like as a customer, or expect as a client and try to delivered this at its best to your customer and clients.

Also it has been very stimulating discovering and learning from this fascinating, growing and creative industry.

With the right stylists on board to collaborate with Beauty Rose, and through them and their experience, I learnt what I needed to know to create a wonderful bespoke service of hair treatments and styling, combined with top quality beauty services from the beauty market.

At the core of the Beauty Rose business is the collaboration of professionals of both industries, who are fully qualified and nice individuals!

Having a business is a never ending growing process, but we should never fear to learn from it. The results of what you do should aways look and feel like you, so I am glad I took this challenge, kept my business name and now have a great expanded service that includes hair.

Beauty Rose ‘hair and beauty professionals’ will keep trying to improve and develop our services every day, with our own ideas of what a ‘hair and beauty’ service might be to meet the needs of our clients and customers to their satisfaction.

We look forward to your custom.


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